SoloTouch & 10+ Best Free Sex Story Sites Like!

    Solo Touch almost sounds like a fitness app. It sure can make you fit, that is if you are looking to put your cock or cunt through some rubbing, stretching and fingering exercises! The site is meant for people who like reading stories about sex and fucking in general, rather than watching them on a monitor…. Here’s our review.

Solo Touching Not Allowed!

    This review starts with the Solo Touch homepage. This has a simple design, but is as cluttered as the ass end of an anal pornstar during a sex scene!

    There are sign in and login option at the extreme right corner of the page, plus a host of tabs a little way down. These tabs include the Home, Stories, Technique, Chat, Forum, Media, Search, My Account, Support, Free Live Cams, and Sex Toys. The last two tabs direct you to and and there you can chat with hordes of sexy beings and buy a wide variety of sex toys you can stick up anywhere you want.

    The My Account tab is rather useful and for members only, while the Search bar has a pull-down function that lets you search for images, stories, videos, members and more. There are more sign in and login tabs beneath the main tabs and site registration is free. However, getting a premium account will cost you some bucks.

    At the right is a search option that permits a more comprehensive chat than would otherwise be possible. There you can search by keyword and category and filter the search results by date, author and similar terms. We like this capability about as much as we like eating a dripping pussy for breakfast!

    Now, there are some popular story tags a little way beneath this search option. Included are terms like female orgasm, male, solo, panties, first time, masturbation, handjob, sex stories, and mutual masturbation. There is also a Story Categories section on the left of the homepage worth checking out.

    Lest we forget, the content here mostly focuses on masturbation, so get ready to read about folks touching themselves in ways that would make the local priest have a stroke!

Solo Fun Gets Them Cumming!

    The SoloTouch homepage has the newest stories pasted on it. This can be read by members and non-members alike. You can choose to read only stories submitted by men or women, or the two if you are looking for fun of a non-discriminating kind.

    Sample homepage titles include Real Car Jackin’, Outdoor Release, Public Shower Room and One Night Stand. The first was about a dude in California who likes jerking off in public while being congratulated on the length of his cock. We liked the second better it involved a lady with enormous knockers using a carrot to jerk off in her yard. What would we have given to be there! The third title happened to be about a teen who likes being watched as she bathes in the shower room of a public gym, while the last title was a kinky lesbian sex story.

    All stories on the homepage and elsewhere come with tags that show when they were posted and by whom, the date they were posted, the age of the poster, the category and tags they fall into and the comments and views garnered so far. Most stories are short and have grammatical errors. However, they can be gripping and there are so many of them, with SoloTouch hosting nearly fifty thousand sex stories and more being added daily.

What We Think

    We think the site could employ a better and more intuitive site design and get rid of the clutter. Pages need to be made more attractive and stories need to be better edited and cleaned up. Overall though, we love most things about Solo Touch and most will find it to be a perfect time and cum waster!