Jeffrey Dahmer And His Polaroid Originals

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Jeffrey Dahmer and His Polaroid Originals


In 2023, the name Jeffrey Dahmer remains synonymous with serial murder and heinous acts of violence. The Milwaukee Cannibal’s atrocities have been the subject of books, documentaries, and even a movie, all of which focus on the terrible acts he committed. However, there is one lesser-known aspect of Dahmer’s life that remains largely unknown, and that is his fascination with Polaroid originals.

Early Years

Dahmer’s interest in photography began during his childhood, when his mother bought him a Polaroid camera. He soon became obsessed with taking photographs of his family, friends, and even his own pets. He was especially fascinated by the immediacy of the Polaroid camera, as it allowed him to capture moments that would otherwise be lost forever. This fascination continued throughout his life and he eventually amassed a large collection of Polaroid originals.

The Polaroid Collection

Dahmer’s collection of Polaroid originals included images of his family and friends, as well as landscapes and other scenes from his travels. He was particularly fond of taking self-portraits, often using the camera to capture himself in various states of undress or in suggestive poses. In addition to the photographs, Dahmer also kept a diary of sorts, which included annotations and descriptions of the photographs he had taken.

The Significance

The significance of Dahmer’s Polaroid originals lies in the fact that they provide a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer. While it is impossible to know what Dahmer was thinking or feeling when he took the photographs, they can provide clues as to his state of mind and the evolution of his thoughts and feelings. The photographs also serve as a reminder of the terrible acts he committed and the suffering he inflicted on his victims.


While Jeffrey Dahmer’s legacy will always be remembered for the horrific acts he committed, his Polaroid originals offer a glimpse into his life that is rarely seen. These photographs provide a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer and serve as a sobering reminder of the suffering he caused.