The Cessna Cta: An Overview

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan CTA (CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo) Aviation
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan CTA (CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo) Aviation from

The Cessna CTA: An Overview

The Basics

The Cessna CTA is a single-engine, light-aircraft with a high-wing configuration. It was first manufactured in 2023 and is used for general aviation, sport, and business purposes. The CTA is equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear and has a capacity of 5 passengers and one pilot.


The CTA is powered by a Lycoming IO-540-C4D5D engine that produces 260hp. This engine is capable of propelling the aircraft to a maximum speed of 200 knots and a maximum range of 600 nm. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 15,000 feet and a rate-of-climb of 1,200 feet per minute.


The CTA features a spacious and comfortable cabin that is equipped with a variety of features such as adjustable seats, an adjustable instrument panel, and auxiliary power outlets. The aircraft also includes an impressive array of safety features, such as a four-point harness system and a five-point restraint system.


The CTA requires regular maintenance and inspections to ensure its safe and reliable operation. The aircraft should be inspected every 100 hours and the engine should be serviced every 500 hours. Additionally, the aircraft should be serviced and inspected every 12 months.


The Cessna CTA is a versatile, reliable, and safe aircraft that is suitable for a variety of purposes. It is powered by a dependable engine and is equipped with a variety of features that make it a great choice for business or recreational use. With regular maintenance, the Cessna CTA can provide years of enjoyable and safe flying.