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    There is almost no difference in pronunciation between bazooka and Bazoocam. Dunno if that is intentional. The site might even be owned by a military fellow with a handlebar mustache who strides down streets like the stiffest of all steel rods has been shoved up his backside and talks like he’s firing extended bursts from a machine gun! Beware of fellas like that because they treat sex like a military mission, with their cocks being the tip of the spear!

    So, Bazoocam is up for review today and I can see y’all lining up around the block to hear what I got to say about this adult chat site. Here is my review and its music to the ears of the horny and discerning!

Run From Bazooka Cunts!

    I have been in the adult business since Abraham Lincoln was knee-high and I gotta say right here and now that Bazoocam easily has one of the most dated site designs I have ever seen. It is something out of the mid-90s and rather than make me nostalgic, it made me long to get my hands around the neck of the site designer and squeeze for all I am worth! For real, whoever put a site like this together should not be breathing free air with the rest of us and firing a bazooka into his butt hole would be too good for his dated ass!

    The homepage here is a stark white with almost no color. There’s a constantly moving slideshow of images at the top left and it seems just the thing to trigger an epileptic fit. You could say that the homepage is in two parts, with site features on the first and the other half consisting of an About Us.

    Now, the top of the site homepage has a logo and it is something a kid might have come up with while doodling on the loo. At the top left are 11 country flags and these are language options. English is the default language and you just have to click the flag of any country to get everything translated into the language spoken in that specific country. Such an advanced feature does seem a little bit unusual in a bare-bones site like this.

    Is live video chat not up to your taste? Well, there’s a good list of cam models near the top of the homepage. You can click on any of the listed names to chat up these sluts at They aren’t the prettiest or the most stylish, but they do have cunts they can impale on dildos just so that you can be happy!

    The rest of the site features include a very simple menu at the left that lets you choose which gender you wanna video chat with. You can click All, Male or Female and that means couples and LGBTQ folks are shit out of luck.

Drill Her Right In The Wazoo!

    To get started here, it is recommended to head over to the login options at the top right of the site homepage and create an account. You don’t need to create an account to do what you gotta do here. But having one makes life easier by giving you more options, like being able to add people as friends, and more easily find them afterwards. Plus notifications of new messages is a sure thing. Besides, registration is a free matter.

    Now, kicking things off on Bazoocam is as simple as clicking a big blue Start button. You will then be connected to someone. That someone is almost always a horny fella who would rather talk to a chick who might show off her hot body than waste time with a guy like you. So, don’t blame the fucker for clicking the Next button on his screen at a speed that would make the speed of light cry with envy!

    Bazoocam is a little bit more fucked up than even the drab looks of the homepage might suggest. There are amateurish touches here and there and it is hard to get into the mood to talk dirty when the site looks like those crude newspapers they printed in the old Soviet Union that mostly got used as toiled paper.

    See, once you are connected to someone, you can video chat with them, type messages to them, and play games with them. The main issue is that you cannot choose the sex of the person you will be connected to. Yeah, clicking the Men or Women option at the left of the page only directs you to the live cam section of Bazoocam. So, if you don’t like the person you are connected to, you gotta click on the Next button to connect to another person and you will have to do a lot of such clicking because nearly everyone on this chat site is male and frantically trying to chat up the few available females.

    Needless to say, there is no central member registry that you can visit and add up as many members as you see fit. That sucks. The only way to make friends here is to send friend requests to folks you are connected to and that is slow as fuck.

    So, this adult chat site has a blog section, but like everything else on Bazoocam, it is more fiction than fact. Yeah, rather than blogs as I know it, the blog section is filled with Instagram posts and stuff taken from online magazines and those deserve to be called blogs as much as I deserve to be called the new king of England!

What I Think Of Bazoocam

    If I was to put together a list of the 3 worst adult chat sites on the globe, I am pretty sure that Bazoocam would be number 2 or 3 on the list! The only thing I like about this adult video chat site is its name and I wonder if things might have gone better for it if the site admin had paid as much attention to site features and user options as it did to the clever choice of a site name.
I don’t like Bazoocam and that is an almighty understatement, nor do I recommend it for anything other than target practice!